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  • She is Belle - Łucja

    She is Belle - Łucja
    Meet Łucja - not only my favorite photographer who has been taking photos of all Belle collections for many years (and agreed to be a photographer at my wedding!), but also the mother of the most beautiful cat in the world and a person who is extremely sensitive to beauty.
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  • What are you actually doing?

    A co Ty właściwie robisz?
    If you think that being a clothes designer, or as I prefer to call myself, the owner of a clothing brand, is a great way to shine in society, attract an artistic boyfriend or create a "wow" effect on the faces of your aunts and uncles, well, you are wrong.
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  • Life on the (free)lane

    Życie na (free)lansie
    Encouraged by your messages after the last blog entry about why I took a break from running my own business and why I came back, I decided to tell you a little more about the famous (free)life, lying upside down, getting up at noon and giggling behind your back. who work full-time.
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  • What I did when I wasn't here

    Co robiłam, gdy mnie tu nie było
    I know that March is a bit late for summing up last year, but I decided that this is where I should start writing the blog. Or rather, why I wasn't at Belle for over half a year and what I was doing during that time. Last year was a year of changes for me. And although in hindsight we seem to know that almost every change is ultimately a change for the better, I greeted the beginning of last year with sadness and panic about what to do with myself.
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