October 04, 2023

She is Belle - Łucja

She is Belle - Łucja

Who are you? What do you do? Tell us a few words about yourself.

From an early age I have been involved with photography, which is my greatest passion and work. I also work as a booker in a Tricity modeling agency. I mainly deal with contacts with clients both in Poland and abroad.

Why do you like your job?

The biggest advantage of my job (despite being an introvert) is meeting wonderful, interesting and inspiring people.

What do you think "good photography" means? Are aesthetics and beauty important in photography?

For me, good photography can be both simply beautiful, aesthetic photos that do not necessarily have a deep message behind them, as well as photos that arouse great emotions, even if they are not generally considered "nice". This is due to many factors, such as the frame, the model, lighting, the selection of colors, and in fashion photos, also styling and make-up, which together make you stay with a given photo for longer and make it stay in your memory.

How do you take care of yourself? I mean both the development of the soul and the body.
Is there anything that is your personal WOW?

I'm just learning to take care of myself and I'm starting to see how important it is. I definitely try to appreciate the time spent alone.

We are often ashamed or embarrassed to talk well about ourselves, so I would like you to brag a little.
What three things do you like most about yourself?

A very difficult question! Maybe diligence? I always try to perform my duties 100% and it is also important to me that the client/team is satisfied with the final result (photos). I guess there is also some kind of understanding when I try to put myself in the other person's shoes and understand his/her problem or needs. And finally, independence. Whenever possible, I try to figure everything out on my own, deepen my knowledge on a given topic and learn by trial and error until I achieve a result that satisfies me.

Each of us has something that gives us a lot of fun, although it may not be particularly healthy or developing.
What is your guilty pleasure?

Buying things that I will never use in my life and I know it. I have a weakness for buying stationery trinkets (e.g. cards with interesting graphics, decorations for gifts, etc.) or small items for home furnishings. Plus, I love chips madly.

Imagine having a day just for yourself, a date with yourself. Where would you go, what would you wear?

Due to my quite flexible working hours, I often have days like this. I usually spend most of the day in a bathrobe or something comfortable (but nice, not a tracksuit). I have time for some home spa, playing loud music, and even dancing and singing, which I would never dare to do in public.

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