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For me, magic is about enchanting everyday life, finding beauty in seemingly ordinary things, the ability to listen to your head and heart, and this is what the MAGIC set will help you with. Its main element is Palo Santo - a plant from the Amazon, otherwise known as the "Holy Tree". The ritual burning of Palo Santo dates back to the Inca Empire, where it was used in folk medicine and during spiritual ceremonies. The smell that comes from burning wood is unlike anything else in the world, it is expressive, strong, but at the same time not suffocating or dominant, you can feel sweet citrus notes combined with the smell of the forest. Smoking Palo santo relieves headaches, calms down, helps with anxiety and colds. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and supports the fight against viral and fungal infections. When to use Palo Santo? Whenever you want, it can be the perfect complement to meditation, yoga practice, or simply a quiet moment for yourself and an opportunity to stop and take a few breaths.

In the set, in addition to Palo Santo, you will also find a ceramic plate from Polish ceramic factories with a long tradition. The cosmic drawing was painted by hand, so each piece will be slightly different, but each will be made with love and good intention. The gift set also includes mini matches with white heads and an original illustration, as well as a postcard with the inscription "you can try again tomorrow". This slogan is to remind us that although sometimes something seems impossible, tomorrow is another day to face adversities.

The whole thing is packed in a decorative box. When purchasing as a gift for someone, please enter the name in the comment to the order - it will be written manually on the box label.

set composition:
Palo Santo of ethical origin (comes from dead, naturally fallen trees) approx. 50g

ceramic plate of Polish production with a hand-drawn drawing (hand-washed)
box of matches with white heads and magic illustration

lead time: 5 business days

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Can I ask for my order to be packaged as a gift?

Each Belle order is packaged in a beautiful box with a hand-lettered name. If you are ordering something as a gift - add information in the comment to the order what name to write on the box.

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