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It stimulates you better than strong coffee, smoothes the skin more than the best scrubs and immediately adds a hundred points to your mood. What is it? Massage brush! Only those who haven't tried it for themselves will be surprised. Dry massage has many advantages - it increases blood circulation in the skin, smoothes, firms and exfoliates dead skin, thanks to which the skin better absorbs active ingredients contained in creams or oils. The Belle brush is made of beech wood, engraved with a feminine, delicate drawing that reminds you to give your body some tenderness, regardless of the time of day.

The facial massage brush is also part of the PLEASUREMENTS gift set, which also includes a body massage brush and a cotton bag with a female illustration, i.e. a full set of pleasures, perfect for a gift! See the set HERE

How to massage?
Gently! The skin on the face is more delicate than on the rest of the body, so heavy pressure is not recommended. The entire facial massage should last a few minutes. After the massage, it is best to spray your face with tonic and apply your favorite cream or serum.

beech wood, horsehair

lead time: 5 business days

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Can I ask for my order to be packaged as a gift?

Each Belle order is packaged in a beautiful box with a hand-lettered name. If you are ordering something as a gift - add information in the comment to the order what name to write on the box.

I don't know what size to choose. Could you please help me?

We'll be happy to help! Write us an email at belleclth@gmail.com. Also remember that if you buy the wrong size, you can return it or exchange it for another one.

How long does it take to complete an order?

Order processing time is usually 8 business days. Delivery time for courier and parcel locker is max. 48 hours.